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Tuesday, February 15th, 2005
1:53 am
fuckin school
well i went to social psychology today and i got a 91% on my exam i was happy about that. now i am studying my ass off to catch up on four weeks of missed work for my anthropology class. i wont't! do this again. i will most likely be up all night and i most likely will not be going to work tomorrow. i typed up 6 pages of notes to study. i like to type stuff out, it helps me remember plus its lovely and organinzed. then i typed out the definitions for around 100 or so vocab words.

ok last week my mood was high and this week my mood is low. i think this is something i can count on for real. it seems every other week i am happy and the opposite i am either pissed or sad. i know that everyone is pretty much like this, maybe not to this extreme or in weekly intervals or anything. maybe i need to get a stronger birth control perscription? my doctor told me more estrogen will fix my attitude problems, condsidering my body under produces estrogen. who knows. yeah so this is my pissed week. watch out for it. i dont'e like feeling like this. i could always by bi polar but i have a feeling its prolly more hormonal.

today was assy valentines day, i was home all day, cept for i ran to fridays to pick up a to go order. liz called to invite me out to snookers but i didn't go because i had to study my ass off. chris bought me a red bird with hearts that sings fly me to the moon. he also made an ice cream cake for betty that looked like a fricken wedding cake it was huge, i cna't explain it just think wedding cake. meanwhile i had a piece, i had to or it would melt!? that was my big diet fuck up today.

alright enough.

Current Mood: annoyed
Monday, February 14th, 2005
1:41 am
hi I'm full
today I went to my cousin debbie's house for her 50th birthday party. it was pretty alright i was mostly bored, my family doesn't interest me remotely, plus this is always this undertone of hate. it's like everyone in my family secretly hates eachother. i don't know it's weird. it's like i never sit around and think wow my family is just one big bucket of love. there's no love to be felt only criticism and judgement everywhere. i don't like those people, i will adopt my own family one day and we will all like eachother.

they served up some la shish style food. my mom told me they were having it catored by la shish but shes a got damned liar, they made it themselves, and to tell you the truth it may have been better. they made the delicious salad with the lemon mint dressing, it was all done perfectly. i ate a lot, i cheated a bit on pita which isn't that bad of a cheat in my mind.

i came home after and took a nap, then i watched the end of the grammys. i don't really like those award shows anymore, it's liek always the same stuff everytime. i don't know no one that should win ever does and its annoying.

then i went to farmer jacks with liz because they had diet coke on sale, when i got there thay only had two 12 packs of diet vanilla cokey left so i got that. i like that better anyways. i also bought some low carb ice cream sandwiches and some nasty bars. i still need the sweet in my life.

tomorrow i have school i will find out how i did on my exam. that makes me nervous we'll see. i also have the day off tomorrow, and it's valentines day. i will study all day because i have an anthropology exam that i am no where ready for. like NO WHERE READY. like i don't even know what the exam is on ready. maybe some kind hearted person will call me tomorrow and want to play with me. seriously valentines day is a shitter because you can't participant by yourself. if you don't have someone that likes you, then you can't play. not that it matters but it's just a day to make you feel bad for yourself. unless you have someone to play with and then its really fun. whatever.

alright i will go to bedtime now.

Current Mood: content
Thursday, February 10th, 2005
2:04 am
i feel successful. i am all over atkins, showin up to school what have you. i like the way it makes me feel maybe i will keep it up.

ok should i die my hair dark brown or platinum? i found out how to get hair platinum btw, this formerly brown haired biz at mongolian barbecue was goin around with platinum hair. i know the trick now.

i haven't seen brad since the bar night, he calls in a lot.

i trained a new girl named amber, she told me i should become a comedian, she almost peed her pants many times, i had fun with her. she also told me i was the funnest trainer she's had yet. how lovely no?

norm called the other day to ask me where he should take his dreamy new woman for valentines day. the fucking nerve, the nerve. can you even believe it? "you know marie some place nice i want us to dress up, plus after we are going to windsor for a bit" i wanted to be like oh yeah? fuck off!.

i was supposed to have a date for valentines day making out with dummies in a cpr class, but my boss fucked that one up.

i had a test today in my adolescent psych class, i did well i think. tomorrow i have a test in my social psych class, and i'm not ready for hopefull i will learn it all by tomorrow for test time. who knows i bet i will it's all stuff i know put together weird. social psychology is the best, if i major in psych in will be in social pysch. it's all about getting people to do anything. it's all mind control and shit it's wild.

well i will study a bit more and then hit the hay hay hay hay!!

the end

Current Mood: complacent
Thursday, February 3rd, 2005
11:23 pm
what a fucko i am
i have been a total fucko these last couple of weeks. i just can't seem to get my shit together. today for example i drove to school to attend two classes that i have missed three times already. i drove up and down the isles of the parking lot, passing open spots all around me, then made a turn out of the parking lot and drove home. why you ask? well i have no fucking clue why. prolly cuase i'm an ass. i am sure i have tests coming up in those classes, i don't even have the syllabis for one of them. i had an assignement to turn in too. whatever.. i can't seem to motivate myself to study or read what i am obviously missing. so i came home and felt bad for myself, and took a 6 1/2 hour nap. when i woke up it was like 5:30 and i had to be at H&R block at 6:30, and after that i was supposed to go to work to give this guy steve ten dollars. well i obviously didn't have time to get ready plus drive there so i went with my bed head from the morning, i never get ready for school. i ended up staying at h&r block for like two hours, which made me late to go to work. i was supposed to go to work to give steve 10 dollars for super bowl football squares. so i left the tax place drove home got ready drove to work and steve had already left. he didn't want to wait around for my ass. so i got ready for nothing. what a fuck up.

meanwhile i am getting $1,300.00 back from taxes.... i should have filed with my mom every damn year. i usually get like 800 at best.

monday i am starting back on atkins along with my mile jog and pilates three times a week. there will be no more going out during the week. and homework will be a priority. thats the plan. I'm gonna be in good shape across the board. i mean it. i have made up some incentives for myself. like for example, i can't get my wigged out hair cut (by wigged out i mean it looks like a fricken wig, it is so out of shape and ridiculous) until i lose ten pounds. twenty pounds, maybe my nails done or mystic tan? we'll see i preparing for ten pounds first. thirty is the goal.

wah wah wah

what a loser i am.

Current Mood: disappointed
Monday, January 31st, 2005
12:22 am
somewhat more exciting
today i went out to eat with my aunt melissa uncle aaron and my sister. it was fun. i ate a lot. it was some excitement for me.

then i went out for a slurpee with liz, she's home from up north. thats a relief. now it's back to play time.

that's all that happened really, i made some cd's played with my cats you know.

Current Mood: chipper
Saturday, January 29th, 2005
7:29 pm
well i went to work today for an HOUR and then i was sent home again. what the hell are the chances really? we did another drawing. i prolly worked 10 out of the 40 hours i was scheduled this week. wharever i guess its cool i feel like crap today.

i have been in a bad mood all day today, its the bad mood when you notice the house is a mess and things need to be cleaned up and it irritates you so terribly you want to start a fight over it.

i went to starbucks last night at 12:30am and i was planning on chillin there for a minute but when i walked in it was like a cop reunion, they all stared at me. you know as i pull up with one headlight out. i hate cops so i had to leave the vibes were allll bad.

i think tonight i will make some cd's i downloaded like 10 million songs yesterday. maybe after that i will read some of my social psychology book and type up some summaries, homework stuff you know.

it was cool last night i downloaded this fourleaf clover wallpaper for my phone and i also got the godfather love theme for my ring tone, which i was missing ever since i got this new phone.

tomorrow i am supposed to go out to eat with my aunt melissa, uncle aaron, and my sister to olive garden. their treat. for my birthday i guess. hopefully that will be fun. i love olive garden, well i love lasagna.

soon i will go back on atkins, i am starting to feel embarassed of my fatness again.

alright thats enough.

Current Mood: cranky
Thursday, January 27th, 2005
9:18 pm
i can't believe it
ok well i was sent home AGAIN today. we did another drawing and maybe i should play the lottery this is the third time this fricken week. i can't belive it. i could work on school work but i think i will eat and lay in my new bed. i listen to sounds of the ocean or thunderstorms when i sleep, i downloaded them. i like it it makes me feel like i am on vacation. you should try it, it makes life exciting for a minute. my boyfriend wasn't working today can you believe it?! what a nightmare. tomorrow i am prolly gonna go be an extra in an independent film in detroit. kirks friends are doing it but it's all catored and fancy so it should be cool. i have to dress up like i am at a cocktail party but no black. i think that sounds cool. although i do hate detroit, this might be a surprisingly good time to be had. we'll see how it works out. i'd like to find someone to take with me, but that's more of a challenge than it's worth sometimes. i asked people at work if they wanted to come with me. loooosssseeerr. lol but tomorrow is my day off and how nice that is to have a day off nevermind the fact i have school for four hours in the morning (one class) my sociology class.

in other news, my mom has decided to file bankrupcy, and she is sweatin it. it's like she should have done it years ago. she will file on monday.

tomorrow i am gonna go to deb and return this blazer i bought. ok and here's the story about the got damned blazer. the day of my birthday party i went to deb to get some cheap hooch clothes to wear. i found a lovely white shirt with pink and black flowers on it low cut might i ad and sleeveless lindsay can you believe me? well i went tanning and i also did mystic tan so i could sort of get away with it (i get to go two more times btw) so there's this rule at deb you can only have three items in the dressing room at a time. meanwhile i wanted to try on like 13 items so i had to keep stuff out of the dressing room while i was only trying on three things. so in the end i walk out with a blazer and that white shirt. i went to the cash register and bought them. then on my walk out the door the girl that was running the dressing room comes up to liz and i (liz came with me) while holding a hanger. the girl says to liz and i wheres the shirt that belongs ot this hanger? and we look at eachother and answer i don't know?! so she gets all bitchy and persistant and she wants to know where the shirt is and we are both like uhmm i don't know. so she puts out her hand in front of liz and says "i'm not asking you" and then points to me and says "i'm asking you" and i'm like i don't know i didn't take anything. so the lady gives a nasty look and liz and i are like fuck this place. so we walk away from her as i say "fuckin hanger police" and liz mumbles something about crazy bitch. so yeah i have to go back there to return this thing and i am all scared because they think we robbed the place. i don't want it though it doesn't go right with anything i have. whatever.

alright thats the story so far.

Current Mood: content
Wednesday, January 26th, 2005
12:57 am
truth quiz
this quiz is totally anonymous. i won't know who took it i will just get an averaged grade for each question. i would really like it if you would take it. and be honest!!

Monday, January 24th, 2005
7:53 pm
my birfffday update
well I haven't updated my journal in ages, so i will tell you about all the exciting things that have happened this week!!!

well my birthday was the 20th and i turned 23, how lovely. i went out to eat with my family and my friend liz and her boyfriend. it was fun we went to a little italian restaurant in mt clemens. that same day i recieved a delivery of a queen sized bed, and i love it.

the day after my birthday i went to a bar called east towne lounge. it was awesome!! quite possibly the best day ever. 32 people told me that they were gonna show up, so i expected half that. well nope, 37 people showed up!! a bunch of people from work too. i freaked out the whole time seeing everyone together like totally blew a fuse in my brain. i danced, i sang kareoke, i poured water over my head... and then i danced some more. everyone from work has raved about what a good time they had, and it makes me feel love for everyone. i have never had a birthday party or whatever, so this was a big deal for me. lol

oooh they sent me home eearly from work today because they had too many people (they did a drarrring). that makes me happy. although i love my job dearly, who doesn't want to be sent home early?!

there's more to be said i will write more tomorrow.

Current Mood: energetic
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