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well i went to work today for an HOUR and then i was sent home again. what the hell are the chances really? we did another drawing. i prolly worked 10 out of the 40 hours i was scheduled this week. wharever i guess its cool i feel like crap today.

i have been in a bad mood all day today, its the bad mood when you notice the house is a mess and things need to be cleaned up and it irritates you so terribly you want to start a fight over it.

i went to starbucks last night at 12:30am and i was planning on chillin there for a minute but when i walked in it was like a cop reunion, they all stared at me. you know as i pull up with one headlight out. i hate cops so i had to leave the vibes were allll bad.

i think tonight i will make some cd's i downloaded like 10 million songs yesterday. maybe after that i will read some of my social psychology book and type up some summaries, homework stuff you know.

it was cool last night i downloaded this fourleaf clover wallpaper for my phone and i also got the godfather love theme for my ring tone, which i was missing ever since i got this new phone.

tomorrow i am supposed to go out to eat with my aunt melissa, uncle aaron, and my sister to olive garden. their treat. for my birthday i guess. hopefully that will be fun. i love olive garden, well i love lasagna.

soon i will go back on atkins, i am starting to feel embarassed of my fatness again.

alright thats enough.
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