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i feel successful. i am all over atkins, showin up to school what have you. i like the way it makes me feel maybe i will keep it up.

ok should i die my hair dark brown or platinum? i found out how to get hair platinum btw, this formerly brown haired biz at mongolian barbecue was goin around with platinum hair. i know the trick now.

i haven't seen brad since the bar night, he calls in a lot.

i trained a new girl named amber, she told me i should become a comedian, she almost peed her pants many times, i had fun with her. she also told me i was the funnest trainer she's had yet. how lovely no?

norm called the other day to ask me where he should take his dreamy new woman for valentines day. the fucking nerve, the nerve. can you even believe it? "you know marie some place nice i want us to dress up, plus after we are going to windsor for a bit" i wanted to be like oh yeah? fuck off!.

i was supposed to have a date for valentines day making out with dummies in a cpr class, but my boss fucked that one up.

i had a test today in my adolescent psych class, i did well i think. tomorrow i have a test in my social psych class, and i'm not ready for hopefull i will learn it all by tomorrow for test time. who knows i bet i will it's all stuff i know put together weird. social psychology is the best, if i major in psych in will be in social pysch. it's all about getting people to do anything. it's all mind control and shit it's wild.

well i will study a bit more and then hit the hay hay hay hay!!

the end
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