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hi I'm full

today I went to my cousin debbie's house for her 50th birthday party. it was pretty alright i was mostly bored, my family doesn't interest me remotely, plus this is always this undertone of hate. it's like everyone in my family secretly hates eachother. i don't know it's weird. it's like i never sit around and think wow my family is just one big bucket of love. there's no love to be felt only criticism and judgement everywhere. i don't like those people, i will adopt my own family one day and we will all like eachother.

they served up some la shish style food. my mom told me they were having it catored by la shish but shes a got damned liar, they made it themselves, and to tell you the truth it may have been better. they made the delicious salad with the lemon mint dressing, it was all done perfectly. i ate a lot, i cheated a bit on pita which isn't that bad of a cheat in my mind.

i came home after and took a nap, then i watched the end of the grammys. i don't really like those award shows anymore, it's liek always the same stuff everytime. i don't know no one that should win ever does and its annoying.

then i went to farmer jacks with liz because they had diet coke on sale, when i got there thay only had two 12 packs of diet vanilla cokey left so i got that. i like that better anyways. i also bought some low carb ice cream sandwiches and some nasty bars. i still need the sweet in my life.

tomorrow i have school i will find out how i did on my exam. that makes me nervous we'll see. i also have the day off tomorrow, and it's valentines day. i will study all day because i have an anthropology exam that i am no where ready for. like NO WHERE READY. like i don't even know what the exam is on ready. maybe some kind hearted person will call me tomorrow and want to play with me. seriously valentines day is a shitter because you can't participant by yourself. if you don't have someone that likes you, then you can't play. not that it matters but it's just a day to make you feel bad for yourself. unless you have someone to play with and then its really fun. whatever.

alright i will go to bedtime now.
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