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fuckin school

well i went to social psychology today and i got a 91% on my exam i was happy about that. now i am studying my ass off to catch up on four weeks of missed work for my anthropology class. i wont't! do this again. i will most likely be up all night and i most likely will not be going to work tomorrow. i typed up 6 pages of notes to study. i like to type stuff out, it helps me remember plus its lovely and organinzed. then i typed out the definitions for around 100 or so vocab words.

ok last week my mood was high and this week my mood is low. i think this is something i can count on for real. it seems every other week i am happy and the opposite i am either pissed or sad. i know that everyone is pretty much like this, maybe not to this extreme or in weekly intervals or anything. maybe i need to get a stronger birth control perscription? my doctor told me more estrogen will fix my attitude problems, condsidering my body under produces estrogen. who knows. yeah so this is my pissed week. watch out for it. i dont'e like feeling like this. i could always by bi polar but i have a feeling its prolly more hormonal.

today was assy valentines day, i was home all day, cept for i ran to fridays to pick up a to go order. liz called to invite me out to snookers but i didn't go because i had to study my ass off. chris bought me a red bird with hearts that sings fly me to the moon. he also made an ice cream cake for betty that looked like a fricken wedding cake it was huge, i cna't explain it just think wedding cake. meanwhile i had a piece, i had to or it would melt!? that was my big diet fuck up today.

alright enough.
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