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my birfffday update

well I haven't updated my journal in ages, so i will tell you about all the exciting things that have happened this week!!!

well my birthday was the 20th and i turned 23, how lovely. i went out to eat with my family and my friend liz and her boyfriend. it was fun we went to a little italian restaurant in mt clemens. that same day i recieved a delivery of a queen sized bed, and i love it.

the day after my birthday i went to a bar called east towne lounge. it was awesome!! quite possibly the best day ever. 32 people told me that they were gonna show up, so i expected half that. well nope, 37 people showed up!! a bunch of people from work too. i freaked out the whole time seeing everyone together like totally blew a fuse in my brain. i danced, i sang kareoke, i poured water over my head... and then i danced some more. everyone from work has raved about what a good time they had, and it makes me feel love for everyone. i have never had a birthday party or whatever, so this was a big deal for me. lol

oooh they sent me home eearly from work today because they had too many people (they did a drarrring). that makes me happy. although i love my job dearly, who doesn't want to be sent home early?!

there's more to be said i will write more tomorrow.
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