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i can't believe it

ok well i was sent home AGAIN today. we did another drawing and maybe i should play the lottery this is the third time this fricken week. i can't belive it. i could work on school work but i think i will eat and lay in my new bed. i listen to sounds of the ocean or thunderstorms when i sleep, i downloaded them. i like it it makes me feel like i am on vacation. you should try it, it makes life exciting for a minute. my boyfriend wasn't working today can you believe it?! what a nightmare. tomorrow i am prolly gonna go be an extra in an independent film in detroit. kirks friends are doing it but it's all catored and fancy so it should be cool. i have to dress up like i am at a cocktail party but no black. i think that sounds cool. although i do hate detroit, this might be a surprisingly good time to be had. we'll see how it works out. i'd like to find someone to take with me, but that's more of a challenge than it's worth sometimes. i asked people at work if they wanted to come with me. loooosssseeerr. lol but tomorrow is my day off and how nice that is to have a day off nevermind the fact i have school for four hours in the morning (one class) my sociology class.

in other news, my mom has decided to file bankrupcy, and she is sweatin it. it's like she should have done it years ago. she will file on monday.

tomorrow i am gonna go to deb and return this blazer i bought. ok and here's the story about the got damned blazer. the day of my birthday party i went to deb to get some cheap hooch clothes to wear. i found a lovely white shirt with pink and black flowers on it low cut might i ad and sleeveless lindsay can you believe me? well i went tanning and i also did mystic tan so i could sort of get away with it (i get to go two more times btw) so there's this rule at deb you can only have three items in the dressing room at a time. meanwhile i wanted to try on like 13 items so i had to keep stuff out of the dressing room while i was only trying on three things. so in the end i walk out with a blazer and that white shirt. i went to the cash register and bought them. then on my walk out the door the girl that was running the dressing room comes up to liz and i (liz came with me) while holding a hanger. the girl says to liz and i wheres the shirt that belongs ot this hanger? and we look at eachother and answer i don't know?! so she gets all bitchy and persistant and she wants to know where the shirt is and we are both like uhmm i don't know. so she puts out her hand in front of liz and says "i'm not asking you" and then points to me and says "i'm asking you" and i'm like i don't know i didn't take anything. so the lady gives a nasty look and liz and i are like fuck this place. so we walk away from her as i say "fuckin hanger police" and liz mumbles something about crazy bitch. so yeah i have to go back there to return this thing and i am all scared because they think we robbed the place. i don't want it though it doesn't go right with anything i have. whatever.

alright thats the story so far.
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